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Dress up in fabulous designer gowns for less than SGD 200! | 65CityGirl

Have a special occasion to attend and you would love to dress up just for the night in one of those gorgeous designer gowns you see in magazines but not so sure about the hefty price tag?  I have a solution for you!

Rent a designer gown instead of buying one! With quite a number of businesses in Singapore just catering to this specific need, it would be as easy as shopping for your regular dresses. Be it a formal work event, gala dinner, wedding or ROM, these shops have a wide range of designer collections and sizes so that any one can find their ideal dress for any occasion.

I was looking for a ROM dress when I came across this fantastic business model. Since the concept of affordable designer dress rental is not something very common among my friends, I thought sharing about the four businesses I have come across would be useful for other Singaporean women out there looking for THAT special dress.

Keeping to an affordable budget of SGD$200 for a dress (super affordable compared to the rates bridal studios try to charge you for tacky looking gowns), I have taken the liberty to pick out a variety of dresses from their websites to give an idea of what you could get for that very reasonable price:



Want a true Cinderella experience? Covetella offers a personal styling session from head to toe in their showroom. With access to hundreds of designer dresses AND accessories (also available to view online) at a fraction of the price, you will be spoilt for choice. What I love most about their service is how comprehensive it is. They completely understand that dressing up does not just stop at the dress, but the accessories (bags, clutches and even jewelry) that go with it. So if you want that unique Cinderella experience, go try them out (see below for a special promo code!)

How to rent: Online, try at home or showroom fitting options are available. Upon payment, the dress will be delivered to your doorstep, and pickup from your doorstep after the rental duration has ended.
Alterations: Available
Designers: Prada, YSL, Gucci, Givenchy, Zac Posen, Tom Ford, and many more!
Sizes: Ranging from XXS to XXL
For a limited time only: Use our special code “65CityGirl17” for a 15% off your first rental with Covetella. Valid until 31st August 2017

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