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The one thing Singaporeans love more than food, is to ask people recommendations for good food. As a self-professed foodie for life, my friends tend to turn to me for recommendations for special occasions, Japanese cuisine (because I am such a Japanese food lover), good Zi char food etc every so often. While I try to do my best with my recommendations, there’s only so much I can do given  I have yet to try out ALL the amazing food there is still in our food-filled island!

For cuisines or neighborhoods that I don’t know much about, I like to drop my friends links to other Singapore focused foodie websites – the fast and quick way for them to do their own research. Sethlui, Burpple have been my go-to-sites for the longest time and now there’s too – well, the more the merrier!

One of my favorite things on the site is their collection of Food by Area articles. This is so helpful when anyone who gets really lazy to trawl through the internet for food suggestions (who am I kidding – I’ll always check at least 2-3 sources of information before I decide to eat anything from a place!) -

For instance articles like “10 Bukit Timah Korean Restaurants To Check Out The Next Time You’re At This Mini K-Town” have been really useful for deciding where to schedule gatherings when I’m planning group outings in unfamiliar places. Yes I checked out the #9 K-restaurant Joo Mak for a recent CNY gathering with friends and it’s surprisingly legit and affordable (thank goodness I didn’t have to break into my ang pows).

There is some genuinely good honest makan recommendations on the site which would be useful to so many Singaporean foodies out there. I wish there was an easier navigation that allows me to find the type of cuisine or food suggestions within a specific neighborhood alot easier than searching through the pages. UX /UIteam please look into it! It’ll make our search experience so much more convenient!

So, the next time you’re looking for some makan recommendations, before you text a friend, remember to check out these online platforms I’ve recommended above or simply just google “Singapore’s best XXX restaurant/cafe”,  gather your friends and makan away!


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