Zula.sg: An exclusively female perspective| 65CityGirl

As 2017 gives way to 2018, it is clear that strong women-led movements and organizations are changing the world.

This wave of female empowerment calls for a shift in mainstream media to focus on meaningful (note my emphasis on meaningful) female perspectives – something which has been absent for the longest time but no longer.

Enter Zula.sg, a female focused lifestyle and inspiration website.

With content ranging from the frivolous “10 Affordable Hair Salons From $8/Haircut To Get Pinterest-Worthy Hair in Singapore” to the inspirational “30 Singapore Startups By Female Founders Who Prove Ladybosses Are The Best“, there is definitely something for every Singaporean female there.

How do they come up with so much female focused content you wonder? Because it’s a site for females by females – it’s an all female team behind the scenes!

While I love to get my daily dose of frivolous beauty information, updates on any online scandals, and what’s the latest fashion faux pas, I also like information that value adds to my life. Got to love that that the Zula team covers content across a wide range of female related issues (unlike many other female focused platforms which focuses heavily on beauty and fashion and nothing much else).

A huge thumbs up for the inspirational content where they feature Lady Bosses in Singapore #girlboss. As a fledgling female entrepreneur, I feel it’s important that successful women should have their stories told so that they can in turn motivate and inspire the next generation of females to do the same.


Definitely putting them on my bookmarked pages for more interesting content on Lady Bosses in Singapore 🙂 Would be interesting to have more op-eds from female movers and shakers in Singapore too!


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