Jet Concepts Wheelock Place

Friends & I Try: Jet Concepts “Painless Extraction” Jet Facial and Jet Cell-Restore treatments

To get that bridal glow for the upcoming October wedding, I am diligently following my tried and tested new skin care routine at home as well as ramping up my treatments at my regular skin care salon, Jet Concepts – a regular award winner in women’s magazines.

Jet Concepts Wheelock Place
Offline, I have raved about their services to friends, colleagues and any one who is willing to listen and gotten quite a few of them on the bandwagon too! Now I’m going to continue to share about their alternative yet effective facials to my online community, especially since I am relying on it so much during this important phase of my life!

To make this review a little more interesting, I brought along a friend who has never tried out Jet Concepts before so we can BOTH give reviews from a first timer versus a long time customer perspective.

Jet Concepts Wheelock Place

We visited Jet Concepts’ flagship outlet at Wheelock Place (my regular outlet) to have my friend try out their treatments and me to document it down. They have two more outlets in Singapore – One at Raffles City and another at Katong i12.

Jet Concepts Wheelock Place

Before the treatment, we enjoyed a nice soothing tea while the Jet Concepts staff explained in detail the processes of the TWO treatments my friend will be enjoying – the Jet Facial and Jet Cell Restore treatments. This is usually an important step, as Jet Concept utilizes a state-of-the-art equipment that isn’t too common during normal facials so the staff helps to give the customers a heads up on what to expect.

Jet Concepts Treatment Room

Next we proceed to the treatment room. Looks like any other clean and comfy facial treatment right? Wrong. It’s way better, because these are heated beds. Imagine lying your exhausted body down on a warm and soothing bed instead of the typical cold treatment beds – I always end up falling asleep because my body gets so comfortable during the process. This is the main reason why I absolutely love the outlet at Wheelock Place.


The process starts off with cleansing. The therapist proceeded to use their in-house milk cleanser and purifying white cleanser to remove makeup and double cleanse in preparation for the treatment.

She then used a sachet of peppermint essence to release a nice minty aroma guiding my friend to breathe in and out as a form of relaxation before the machines come into play.

Jet Concepts Pre Treatment

Friend’s review: Therapist was very detailed in explaining the process as she went through the cleansing. The cleansing itself was very gentle yet thorough
65CityGirl’s review: My face always feels squeaky clean when done with the second round of cleansing. And I love the calming sensation of breathing in the aromas.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic what? This was my first-timer friend’s reaction. Using their signature Jet M machine, the therapist deftly used a hand piece that releases jets of cold oxygen (tighten pores) and saline water (softens skin) at supersonic pressure in across the face along specific pathways repeatedly. The therapist explained that this is basically stimulating the lymph nodes for better blood circulation and detox in the facial region. The jet pressure is definitely something most people don’t experience on a normal basis, so the therapist was really nice to guide her through the process, even testing out the jet pressure on her hands first (reminds me of my very first time there myself).

Jet Concepts Lymphatic Drainage

Friend’s review: This step was definitely something unique compared to my normal facials. The process was okay even though the jet pressure was high (except for the eye areas where I needed more time to adapt to the pressure). The therapist’s reassurances and tips helped.
65CityGirl’s review: I enjoy the massaging sensation across the face, probably because I’ve already gotten so used to it. And I like the idea that it’s helping stimulate my blood circulation so I can get more fresh blood to the area to rejuvenate the cells.

Exfoliation (Jet Facial Only)

Using the same machine but changing the number of jets coming out of the hand piece nozzle (from 3 jets earlier to 1 jet), the therapist zig-zagged across my friend’s face explaining that the pressure from the jet coupled with the zig-zag movements will help to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the skin surface which was softened in the previous step with the saline water.

Jet Concepts Exfoliation

Friend’s review: This is totally different from how normal facial salons exfoliate. In fact it was really comfortable after getting used to the earlier step.
65CityGirl’s review: As someone with super thin and sensitive skin, I particularly enjoy this means of contact-less exfoliation as I feel it does not harm my skin as much, as compared to facial salons who use facial scrubs.

“Painless” Extraction (Jet Facial Only)

The therapist changed the nozzle of the hand piece, explaining that this new nozzle is used to remove black/ white heads through high suction power. This unlike the normal extraction methods we are used to, is much more hygienic and painless. She then proceeded to move the nozzle across the critical regions of the face, softening with water and sucking all that gunk away. It was quite entertaining to watch my friend’s face get “vacummed”. And it’s also quite amazing to note that it really does not result in redness unlike normal extractions despite the suction.

Friend’s review: Almost entirely painless – something I have never experience before from the usual facial extractions.
65CityGirl’s review: With such sensitive skin, normal extractions usually bring me to tears, so this is a lifesaver. Also, it also means I can go out immediately after facials without the usual downtime that I would have with normal extractions.

Vitamin Infusion (Jet Cell Restore Only)

After the earlier steps, the skin is now thoroughly cleansed and primed to absorb products better. So the next step is to introduce good products deep into the skin layers. With the same signature Jet M Machine (which is basically a all-purpose high tech equipment), the therapist changes out the nozzle again and fills the machine up with a vitamin solution – vitamin B5 in this case – to be infused across every part of the face.

They have two options of infusion solutions (which the therapist will recommend based on your skin condition):

  1. Vitamin B5 (suitable for all skin types) – is great at moisturizing, boosting skin immunity and promoting healing
  2. Glycolic Acid (suitable for mature, problematic and oily skin) – is great for skin renewal, drying out of pimple and acne and lightening pigmentation

The precision of the jets will deliver the vitamins active ingredients deep into the skin layers , helping it get absorbed better and hence rejuvenate the skin better.

Jet Concepts Vitamin Infusion

Friend’s review: Very soothing and calming. ( I think she was totally getting the hang of it and started to fall asleep at this point.)
65CityGirl’s review: This is one of the steps I always look forward to. I believe that topical application of products can only do so much, so this infusion of vitamins into my skin’s deep layers is definitely something I need for a monthly boost.

LED Light Therapy (Jet Cell Restore Only)

The therapist changes out the Jet M Machine for another machine. This new machine has a hanging component with tons of tiny LED light bulbs (700 bulbs to be precise). She explains that in the same way that the sun provides energy to plants, these LED light bulbs will be providing our skin cells with light energy to work harder at the different functions.

There are 3 different types of lights:

  1. Red – Energizes the cells to facilitate in rejuvenation, brightening and promote radiance
  2. Blue – Kills bacteria and reduces acne
  3. Infra-red – Heals wounds and reduces inflammation

Based on her skin condition, my friend was recommended to undergo the Red light therapy. The hanging component is placed close to her face, and the light intensity slowly turned up to allow her eyes to get used to the intense brightness. As a first timer, she wore goggles to help shield the intensity, as it’s definitely something that takes time to get used to. The light therapy process is about 20 mins, so the therapist will leave the room during this period.

 Jet Concepts LED Light Therapy 
Friend’s review: Light felt rather intense initially, after getting used to it, I was close to falling asleep.
65CityGirl’s review: This is my favorite part of the treatment as I believe this is what contributes to my after facial glow. I usually just fall asleep here, and I have gotten so used to it that I don’t shield my eyes at all so that the light can contribute to healing my eye bags haha

Post- Treatment

Post the light therapy, the therapist starts to wrap up the treatment with the finishing touches of products to protect your face when you leave the salon. She massages on some Anti-oxidant Calming Mist, Anti-oxidant Refining Touch (Vitamin C & Primer), White Hydrator (Moisturizer) and Sunblock and my friend is ready to go.

Jet Concepts Calming Antioxidant Mist
The best thing about these two facial treatments is that they have ZERO downtime, there is no redness, so you can easily head out to your next meeting/outing from there. Trust me, I have done facials during lunch time and look good enough to head back to work and continue with meetings.


The therapist shared that post the LED light treatment, our skin cells will continue to regenerate at accelerate even after the treatment over the next few days, so this would be the best time to put on masks as the products will be absorbed really well.

Jet Concepts Post Treatment

Friend’s review: This is one novel facial experience! My skin felt like it was given an instant perk up with the jets of oxygen and vitamin B5! Whiles usual facial treatments may provide cleansing and hydration, they are probably unable to feed oxygen and vitamins to my skin to this level! The LED light therapy was something I tried for the first time as well.  After this first treatment, my skin appeared clearer and brighter!
65CityGirl’s review: I usually experience a post facial glow that lasts from a few days to a week. It’s quite obvious as colleagues, friends and even my partner can always easily tell when I’ve recently gone for a facial. According to them my skin is quite radiant and bright during this period of time. This is why I keep coming back month after month, usually scheduling my treatments just before important dates or events to maximize the outcome.

This is definitely a treatment that I would recommend to all women out there with skin issues! I have friends and colleagues who have become converts too after trying it out for themselves and seeing the results.

Don’t just listen to me, try it yourself!

Good news to three lucky readers! Stand a chance to win a complimentary Jet Facial treatment by participating in our FaceBook / Instagram giveaway from 11th – 24th September 2017.  

For everyone else, quote “65citygirl” to enjoy a Jet Facial treatment at a trial price of $68 (U.P $88) 

Head over to Jet Concepts to make your booking today!


Disclaimer:  65citygirl is not paid for this post nor compensated in any other way. This is an honest review of the company’s services which 65citygirl has used for almost two years. Only my friend enjoyed a complimentary facial due to the photoshoot! For future collaborations please email me at


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