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Since early 2016, Netflix (the new holy grail of binge watching shows and movies) have arrived on our sunny island of Singapore and it has changed the way many people are consuming their weekly dose of media entertainment and even date without breaking the bank.

However, the idea of paying just SGD 10.98 + for a monthly subscription plan to watch unlimited shows and movies (goodbye social life), was something I could never wrap around my head before. I mean YouTube has an ever-growing number of videos, and many other -dodgy- sites have a huge variety of American drama serials and movies available – so why pay when you can watch for free? After trying it out for a full month myself, here are some reasons why:

Top reasons to try out Netflix:

  • Netflix has some amazing ORIGINAL shows not available anywhere else in good quality – House of Cards, Narcos, Chef’s Table, 13 Reasons Why, The Crown, etc…
  • They also curate other insanely addictive series from other networks – Blacklist, Black Mirror, Suits, Mad Men, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Dexter etc…just to name a few
  • No need to torrent just stream – I must admit I never dared to torrent my whole life for fear I would a) infect the shit out of my computer and b) get me arrested
  • Access on all your devices – this is seriously one of my favorite features! Tired of watching on your desktop and want to chillax in the bed? Just pick up your phone and start watching where you left off earlier.
  • For parents – there’s an entire section dedicated to kids (it’s like having Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Okto all rolled into one) + you can have parental control so little Nicky doesn’t accidentally watch a racy episode of Gossip Girl.
  • Last but not least, your first 7 months can be free!!! 

Netflix Meme

Step by step instructions on watching Netflix free for 7 months:

  1. Sign up for Netflix – You get 1 month free trial immediately (I suggest using the 4 screen plan here for maximum value) without any cost to you.

Netflix Streaming Plans

2. Sign up for Lazada Liveup Programme – Doing so will put you on a 60 day trial for Lazada’s programme, which gives you the additional perk for 2 months free (or to be exact $27.96 credits) for Netflix.

Lazada LiveUp Netflix benefits

3. After the 60 day trial of Lazada’s Liveup program – if you are a regular user of Lazada, sign up with the annual fee of SGD 28.80 (I consider this free since my family member signed up and I got the benefits) to get another 4 months Netflix credit!

And that concludes my grand plan of how to get 7 months free of Netflix streaming (worth minimally SGD76.86)! Try it out! It barely takes 5-10mins of your time 🙂

Have fun becoming a coach potato for the next 7 months too!



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