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As a sequel to the  original post “Singapore Date Ideas: 10 Ways to Paktor Without Breaking the Bank (Part 1)“, we got some feedback from friends and readers alike, to include MORE budget dating (or Paktor-ing) ideas in Singapore that will not run down your Bank Account too much.

1) Picnic-ing With a View
Bored of the run of the mill picnic spots like the Marina Barrage and Botanic Gardens? Try some new alternatives! Arm yourselves with a picnic mat, some chips, cheese, wine and takeaway sushi, and set up comfortably for a couple of hours of chilling together in each other’s company with a good view at these alternative locations: Suntec City Sky Garden, Marina Bay Sands Rooftop Gardens, VivoCity SkyPark or even the ADM rooftop garden at NTU.

Cost: Depends on the food/drinks you choose, but we believe it’s the company that matters more.


2) Food Trail Across Singapore
Surprised we left out such a critical aspect of dating in Singapore? Couples have many opportunities to catch up over meals throughout the week, but here we suggest to change things up a little for something that’s become so routine. Set a theme for each other (Example: Good cheap Japanese Food, Oyster Day or Michelin Street Foods etc), and plan a list of must visit food spots according to the them for your date and set off for the day, traversing across the island.

Cost: Depends on the type of cuisine chosen, or you can set a budget at the start.


3) Offshore Island Hopping
Nowhere else to date on the main land? Never fear, there’s still the offshore islands to explore! Check out the flora and fauna and marine life along the coasts of the island, and even frolick in the lagoons. Take your pick from the familiar Pulau Ubin (of OBS memories), Kusu Island (of Turtles & Tortoise fame), Sister’s Island, St. John’s Island, Lazarus Island & Pulau Seringat and more.

Cost: Most islands cost SGD18 for a round-trip ferry ride from Marina South Pier.

4) You Fly, I Fly
In a slight twist from the traditional love scene from the Titanic, get your adrenaline pumping on the date by being propelled skyward to a height of 60m at speeds of up to 200km/h.

Cost: Adult/student per ride S$45/35

5) Netflix & Chill
Having Netflix landing on our shores, Singaporeans can now finally have the option of their American counterparts of asking their dates if they would like to come over and Netflix & Chill ( I meant head over to the comfort of someone’s home and watch online movies – what were you thinking?).

Cost: Free for the first month and then $7.99 USD per month or learn how to get it free for 7 months?

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

6) Burn Calories Together
Couples who work out together, stay together. Well, I didn’t come up with that, but it does seem to make some sense. With the release of endorphins during exercise, there is a tendency to develop positive feelings towards your work out partners! Plan for weekly exercise sessions together. It could be a simple run around the neighbourhood, short sessions at the local gym, acroyoga or even cycling at the park.

Cost: Free unless you intend to sign up for new exercise packages.

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7) ESCAPE Room
If you haven’t already tried this out with your date/partner, I highly recommend this (and I mean just the TWO of you). What better to test your compatibility than being physically locked in a room together and having to collaborate with each other to solve clues and puzzles in order to figure your way out under time pressure? With plenty of such escape rooms popping up around town, one is sure to suit your interests!

Cost: Ranges from around SGD 20 to 30 per pax

8) Prawning
Bond with your date as you help them with the bait, strategize over the best location to sink your hook, chat about anything under the sun as you wait patiently for the prawns to catch on, and celebrate shared victory as you haul up your catch for the day!

Cost: Ranges from SGD 12 -20/h per pax depending on the hours you prawn


9) Cook together

Even if you both are the most novice of cooks, there are about a million easy to cook recipes all over the internet for you to try. Cooking together is great for couple bonding – from preparing the food together, to taking turns to have a go at the fire, and of course washing up.

Cost: It could be free (if you rummage through your parent’s kitchen) or it really depends on what you choose to cook. I have prepared meals under SGD10.

Cook Together.jpg

10) Pokemon GO
Last but not least, thanks to the most hyped up game of the century, couples can now spend their spare time together to catch them all while exploring many different parts of Singapore.

Cost: Minimal unless you burst your data plan while at it!

Well, that’s all we have on our list this round… we’ve had lots of fun putting the lists together and hope you’ll have more fun trying out all the ideas on this list and the previous list with your loved one! Spending quality time together does not need a special occasion nor a huge budget, just some effort in planning for each other!

Spread the love all year round! ❤



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