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I’ll be the first to admit being a YouTube addict. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve followed any drama series on traditional media. I mean, why bother? YouTube truly has some of the most entertaining stars, amazing content and just mindless fun! Don’t believe me? Just check out 2016’s mind-blowing YouTube Rewind video!

Here are some of my favorite Channels to entertain myself when I’m bored or free:

1) Buzzfeed – Insanely fun and interesting videos ranging the widest variety of topics you can imagine. The “Try Guys” series witness 4 adorable grown adult men, TRY the wackiest and craziest things possible, from trying nude modelling to survival man vs. wild style.

“Americans Try XXX Food” series expose Americans to various cuisines of the world, and it’s highly entertaining to watch the very vocal bunch of Buzzfeed staffers get their panties in a bunch over the food they have to try (here’s one of them trying out Singapore cuisine!)


2) Fine Brothers Entertainment– A new breed of entertainment company founded by two brothers producing various types of high quality content videos. But my favorites of all time are their ReAcT series, where kids, teenagers, elders & even popular YouTubers react to various online content in one entertaining session. 90%  of the time it’s usually bat-shit hilarious (Teens React to Gangnam Style) but there’s a sobering 10% of the time where it gets downright meaningful (Kids React to Gay Marriage).

And not forgetting their hilarious takes on TV dramas, where they do summaries of drama series in say under 10 mins (YES they managed to do that for Game of Thrones – spoilers all included!)


3) Epic Rap Battles of History (ERB)– The most unlikely popular figures from early or recent history battle it out verbally. It really does not do much justice to explain this. Just watch.


4) Dad, Where Are We Going?– 5 solid reasons why you should watch this atypical China variety show featuring celebrity dads and their kids embarking on various outdoor adventures.


5) The Late Late Show with James Corden– 3 Words. Celebrity Carpool Karaoke.


Let me know if any of these become your favorite channels too! And also any other channels you would like to recommend for me to spend more time on haha.


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