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Get paid while you shop online | 65CityGirl

To save money while shopping to one’s heart content must be the dream of many young Singaporeans out there – myself included. Imagine my glee when I found out about this amazing website that allows me and my friends to do just that!

Shopback is the latest online phenomenon that brings to Singaporeans the latest promotions and voucher codes from over 300 renowned brands in the online shopping scene. It does not just stop there, shopping at ShopBack also allows you to earn cashback with each purchase – in other words, you’re literally getting paid to shop with them with no strings attached!

For those worried about the legitimacy of the site, fear not. Shopback has been endorsed and featured by multiple trustworthy organizations.


What can I buy on Shopback?

They have a wide variety of partnerships with various online organizations across multiple categories (from travel, fashion, electronics, home & living to food & beverage). You can easily search for the online merchant that you normally patronize and check if they are collaborating with Shopback? Check out some of their popular stores.


How to use Shopback?

It’s easy as A-B-C!

  1. Instead of shopping on your normal online site, log in to Shopback and search for the online merchant.
  2. Click on any store through ShopBack and get redirected to the store’s website
  3. Shop as usual on store’s site and make a purchase
  4. Get cashback in your ShopBack account within 48 hours
  5. Cash out to your PayPal or bank account at the end of every month once you’ve reached redeemable Cashback of $10.00

If you are a person who easily spends up to $1000 a month on online purchases, be it for air tickets, accommodation for travels, blog shops, clothes, electronics and the likes, guess how much you can save with Shopback?


How to start? 

Ever since I found out about this money saving tactic, I have been promoting it madly to my friends and colleagues who are all intense online shoppers. From Redmart grocery shopping, TaoBao furniture shopping for BTO, to the comparatively normal blog shopping on ASOS, everyone has been able to get a lot more savings out of online shopping! So why not start today? Your cashback savings could probably get you another shoe or bag or two!

Just to prove it works, my earnings so far could probably get me one or two staycations this year 🙂

Shopback Earnings

Also, not to forget Shopback has an amazing referral system, which rewards you with $5 when your friends sign up with them and makes purchases. So start today and refer your friends!

Get started and receive $5 cashback when you SIGN UP HERE with my referral code and another $5 when you start using Shopback! Easy money!




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