Humpback Oysters

Fresh and affordable oysters in Singapore | 65CityGirl

Simply couldn’t resist starting the year right with some shellfish (geddit?) indulgence over the weekends! But how to do so without breaking the bank?  Life in the +65 is usually expensive but not if you take some time to sieve out great deals at amazing restaurants. Here are some of my all time favorite affordable oyster shucking locations:

Tanuki Raw:

Tanuki Raw Oysters

When all you want to do is shuck a few dozen of oysters after a long hard day at work, and want a good central location to do so, Tanuki Raw is the place to be indeed.

During happy hour (5-8pm), relax with a drink ($10 martinis and cocktails) in hand, and the accompanying half a dozen of oysters (from France, Canada & Japan) for just $2 a shell. How cheap and affordable is that? Not to mention the free lobster rolls that you get with each purchase of a cocktail or mocktail (5-7pm).

Pro Tip: Head down early to queue as they do not take reservations during Happy hour

New Outlet: 111 Middle Road, 01-05 National Design Center, Singapore 188969

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #04-01 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896 (Near Somerset MRT)


Humpback Oysters

Want to avoid the crazy dinner and shopping district crowds, when enjoying your oysters? Not to worry, Humpback is situated in the quietly quaint district of Bukit Pasoh where you can indulge in peace.

Immerse your palate in the creamy richness, and briny flavor of some of freshest oysters, like Blue Pool, Hama Hama and Sea Cow, freshly shucked at $7 a pop (BUT just $3 during Happy Hour: 5-7pm, Monday to Saturday!). And of course the accompanying booze ($19 cocktails, $14 wines & beer) to wash it all down for a satisfying meal.

Pro Tip: Patronize them on a Monday where the blues are hard hitting, but Happy Hour for cheap oysters go on all day & night!

Address: 18-20 Bukit Pasoh Rd, 089834 (Near Outram MRT)

Culina Bistro:

Culina Oysters

Of the three locations, my personal favourite would be Culina. While it’s not the most easily accessible (the downtown line should have a Dempsey Station please), and definitely not the most affordable (but still reasonable), Culina more than makes up for all that in the exquisite gastronomic experience that the restaurant offers.

Choose from a variety of fresh weekly air-flown French oysters, ranging from $4 to $7.5 a pop. A personal favorite of mine is the St Vaast, Normandy, which is plump and succulent with briny juices.

Oysters are shucked on demand and served natural with lemon, Tabasco, Tetsuya’s oyster vinaigrette and chili lime dressing. Do not leave without trying the oysters with all the sauces, they all bring out such amazingly different nuances of each variety.

Pro Tip: Just go already!

Address: 8 Dempsey Road #01-13 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 247696


Well, I have gone and blown my cholesterol intake for the month with the massive oyster bingeing, visiting both Culina & Humpback just in the first month of the year, but no regrets! Time for you to do the same!


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