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7 Affordable and convenient subscription boxes to surprise your other half with! | 65CityGirl

As an adult, I still feel the excitement of getting a parcel addressed to me in the mail, and even more anticipation when opening them. Which is why subscription boxes, gifts that come in the mail on a regular schedule, helps surprise and lift my mood all the time!

I have had so much fun the past few months purchasing and unboxing subscription boxes for myself. So imagine the joy and surprise that your partner would feel if they received these unexpectedly from you. Trust me,  girls love presents even if they do not express it much – especially unexpected presents that show them you care.

So my suggestion is, if you are looking for a way to pamper your partner or simply show your them you are thinking of them unexpectedly, subscription boxes could be a way to go! There’s so many different boxes out there, so I have taken the liberty to consolidate a few that might work for your special girl:

the pslove company

Source: the pslove company

Subscription fee: Starting from SGD 2.20 for 1 heat patch (recommended: min. 4 pieces)
Delivery Frequency: Once in two months
Suitable for: Girls who suffer through really bad period cramps

Cannot bear to see your loved one suffer through her painful periods every month and want to do something but not sure what? Try out this subscription service of menstrual cramp relieving heat patches. This thoughtful gift will definitely have her feeling all warm and fuzzy (literally and figuratively) during her toughest period of the month – pun intended.

For a limited time only: Use our special code “CITY15” when you order for a 15% discount. There is no minimum purchase required, but 4 pieces of MenstruHeat is typically a recommended subscription purchase. Valid until 30th September 2017

With Every

Source: With Every

Subscription fee: Starting from SGD 390 for 6 jars of flowers ( works out to around SGD 65 per jar including delivery)
Delivery Frequency: Weekly or Fortnightly options
Suitable for: Girls who love their flowers

A pretty bunch of flowers are always effective at bringing a smile to someone’s face. Imagine what a regular delivery of such gorgeous blooms would do? With Every offers subscription packages (x 6 Jars) to make flowers a little more affordable and fuss free. Beautifully arranged in a jar, your gift will always be the centerpiece of a home or office reminding your partner of you.

For a limited time only: Use our special code “65citygirl” in the comments box when you order , and get a complimentary Rifle Paper Gift Card (worth $7.50) to be delivered with the flowers on the 1st delivery. Valid until 30th September 2017


Source: BoxGreen

Subscription fee: Starting from SGD 24.90 for one-time box or regular subscription at SGD 19.90 a box
Delivery Frequency: As often as you like
Suitable for: Girls who love snacking healthily

We have heard the stomach is the way to a guy’s heart, but as a foodie, I think the same can be said for girls too. Given that more people are getting conscious of their waistlines, what better than to offer your loved ones healthy yet yummy food options to snack on! Boxgreen offers up to 50 delicious and wholesome snack options for you to select for your thoughtful gift to your partner. Sweet, savory, salted or unsalted, you will find the perfect snack for her, and hopefully earn yourself some brownie points along the way.

For a limited time only: Use our special code “65citygirl” when you order and get 20% OFF your first 3 subscription boxes! Valid until 31 Dec 2017 (Click here for T&Cs)
Alternatively, try to score a free box for yourself (worth SGD 19.90) via our giveaway happening on our Facebook page from 21st -28th July.



Subscription fee: Starting from SGD 18 for a baking kit (depends on recipe)
Delivery Frequency: As often as you like
Suitable for: Girls who love baking (and their partners who love eating baked goods)

With a current range of 16 baking kits to choose from, this would be such a convenient and hassle-free gift for a partner who loves to bake but has no time to gather all the ingredients together. Take it to the next level, and schedule dates around the unveiling of the baking kits, so that both of you can enjoy the baking process together.

Books Actually


Subscription fee: Starting from SGD 129 for a 3 month package (6 and 12 month packages available)
Delivery Frequency: Monthly
Suitable for: Girls who love books and are avid readers (me! me!)

A subscription service started by a local bookstore Books Actually. Start the subscription by selecting a curator (otherwise known as a Books Actually Elf) whose reading profile and recommendation your partner would identify with, and they will send a handpicked book every month based on that profile. Your bibliophile of a partner will love you even more for this! Trust me.

Look Fantastic Beauty Box


Subscription fee: Starting from SGD 27.50 per monthly box
Delivery Frequency: Monthly
Suitable for: Girls who love all kinds of beauty products

This box is definitely for the girls who love trips to Sephora, exploring all the latest and exciting beauty products out there. Every box comes with a hand-picked selection of 6 must have beauty fixes, which are wrapped in a beautifully presented box and delivered straight to your loved one’s door for a pleasant surprise. These boxes could also potentially save you a trip every month with her to the beauty stores.



Subscription fee: Starting from SGD 29.90 per monthly box for small breed dogs
Delivery Frequency: Monthly or every other month
Suitable for: Girls who love their furry little friends (dogs specifically)

Last but not least, taking the idiom “Love me, love my dog” quite literally, here’s also a special box for your partner who has a furry friend.  Perroboxes are customized based on the dog’s breed with treats and toys suitable for them. Showing love for her pet will gain you lots of brownie points and show that you truly love every aspect of her life.

Let us know if these subscription boxes manage to brighten up your special someone’s day! ❤



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