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Mobile apps to help you transfer money to friends with ease | 65CityGirl

“It’s Friday night, all your friends are gathered at the latest hipster drinking joint/club/restaurant of the month and having a jolly good time. The night comes to an end,  you pick up the bill with your credit card and everyone starts taking out their wallets to pay you back in cash. Guy A and Girl B doesn’t have enough cash on hand and promises to ibank/transfer/pay you next time. Everyone goes home. Time passes, Guy A, Girl B forgets about the payment because it’s too mafan to make the transfer online after the fact…and you feel bad to ask for it, so the story ends.”


If this situation sounds familiar to you, regardless if you’re the protagonist, Guy A or Girl B, here’s a couple of technology solutions that could potentially help you 1) get your friends to pay you back up front or 2) save you the trouble of transferring money and pay your friends back on time before you forget.

Peer to Peer payment services/apps available in SG

1) OCBC Pay Anyone

A mobile service that allows you to instantly send up to S$1,000 securely to anyone on your mobile phone, email or Facebook contact list (and even QR code!)

How to use: Download the app (all OCBC ibanking users probably already have it). Select how you want to send money to your friend (mobile/email/faceback contact), send them a passcode to retrieve the money. Viola! Transaction completed!

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Who can use it:

For sending money: You need to be an OCBC customer in order to transfer money to the recipient via OCBC Pay Anyone. All the more reason to get an OCBC account! (I absolutely adore OCBC bank, I’ve been using their services since I learnt how to manage my own money and it’s been such a pleasure banking with them)

For receiving money:  You do not need to be an OCBC customer to receive the money. You can deposit into any bank account, as long it belongs to one of the 19 FAST participating banks.

Download here: iOS // Android

2) DBS Paylah

DBS PayLah! is a personal mobile wallet which allows you to perform funds transfer via a mobile number and also QR codes too!!!

Source: DBS

How to use: Simply download and install the DBS PayLah! app on your smartphone, followed by registering for a wallet account. Upon doing so, you can easily transfer money and receive payments from your friends and family simply via a mobile number!

Who can use it: Anyone can use it as long as they have a savings/current account with a bank which offers FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) services in Singapore + the DBS paylah app (You have to first download the app)

Download here: iOS // Android

Worried about mobile payments being unsafe? All apps adhere to regulations by MAS so don’t worry too much. Embrace the benefits!

MAS requires all app log-ins to be protected by two-factor authentication, a process by which users enter their usual password and a one-time password delivered either via SMS or a security token.

Peer-to-peer payment services, money-sending apps are so useful, I can’t wait for more and more people to start adopting it! Try this out and share it with your friends too!


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