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After a long stressful week of work, many fellow Singaporean workaholics turn to different means to de-stress and unwind: some through healthy ways like exercise, others through through less healthy ways like alcohol/food/music/shopping and many more alternatives. For me while I do indulge in quite a number of the above-mentioned options, my go-to is always a relaxing massage at the end of the week.

Unfortunately Singapore is not exactly the cheapest place to indulge in some well-deserved relaxing downtime – but I’ve rounded up a list of some of my favorite spots with relaxing massage sessions that’s bound to get you energized for the upcoming week ahead without burning a hole in your wallet!

1. Imperial Apple Spa (Part of the Green Apple Spa group)

Credit: Imperial Apple Spa Fb

For workaholics in the Tanjong pagar area, this is probably already an open secret and close respite on weekdays for quick lunch time or after work foot and back rubs! While it looks vaguely dodgy due to the Oriental exterior set up, it has been nothing but a pleasant and refreshing visit each time. Enjoy your foot rubs in private rooms where you can select from an array of movies and shows to keep you entertained during the massage.

Imperial Apple Spa,  $42 for 1 hour (foot massage) 171 Tras Street Singapore 079025, 10am to 4am, Tel: 62251555,

2. Comfort Zone Foot Wellness

Rejoice, people working in the vicinity of the Novena shopping mall Square 2! At first glance, it’s definitely more expensive than what I would like to pay for, but boy was I glad to have given it a shot. There was a combo package going on, so I paid $60 for 20min of back massage and 40 mins of foot massage (normally it’s $50 for 60min foot and $68 for 60min full body). Let’s just say the masseuse really knew his stuff, and after an hour of prodding all the right spots, I was almost as good as new!

Comfort Zone Foot Wellness,  $50 for 1 hour (foot massage) 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-99 / 100 & #B1-115/116 Square 2, Singapore 307506, Opens daily from 11am to 10pm, Tel : +65 6397 6893 / +65 6397 6393,


3. Donglin (6 outlets in neighborhoods across Singapore)

Credit: Donglin Fb

What if you’re looking for something close to home instead of work? While if you’re the lucky few who stay around Pasir Ris, Yishun, Tampines, Chai Chee, you’ll have the super value for money option of Donglin. This is a chain I adore because while it’s super no frills (don’t expect much privacy or a fancy environment), the masseuses are super good at what they do even if they chat a lot while they do it. When I had the fortune to be working near the vicinity of one of the outlets, I used to go there at least weekly for my body tuneup! It’s that cheap and good!

Donglin,  $33 for 1 hour (full body massage) 25A Chai Chee Road Singapore 079025, opening hours differ across outlets, Tel: 64486757,


4. Upper Thomson Spa


People tend to associate Thomson with food (esp prata, ice cream and beancurd) rather than with massages. But it’s definitely also a massage haven for me! There is quite a huge variety of massage shops around the area, but one of those that I’ve tried and keep going back to is Upper Thomson Spa. I particularly enjoy the fantastic rates, comfy chairs and the vicinity to all the good food I can indulge in immediately after a relaxing massage.

Upper Thomson Spa,  $50 for 1 hour (full body massage) 244B Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574369, 10am to 6am, Tel: 62251555,


5. Healing Touch

Credit: Healing Touch Fb

One of the original cheap and good massage places, Healing Touch is always a place I’ll recommend to my friends and family who needs a good rub down. It’s definitely one of the few places that manage to balance the value, quality of the massage with the serenity of the environment and that’s what I keep going back to them for. I’m a fan in particular of their deep tissue massage, but they have a whole range of options from Thai fusion, Shiatsu/Acupuncture, and even body scrubs too. What’s best about it is that it has so many outlets to choose from (Yishun, Alexandra, Novena, Thomson, River Valley, Tampines and Orchard), you can always find one close to you!

Healing Touch,  $55+GST for 1 hour (full body massage), across Singapore, 11:00 am – 22:30pm, Tel: 67151515,

What are you waiting for? Grab a friend and find one of these locations to begin the pampering session you so deserve! 🙂


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