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Solo trip: Places to visit in Seoul | 65CityGirl

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, always has a special place in my heart. It’s a place I’ve visited three times now, each time with a different reason, once with a lover,  another with a close friend and the last trip solo – and I’ve always left wanting to return again.

This post is merely a quick capture of my recent adventures on my solo trip to Seoul, not meant to be super informative, but do let me know if you have any burning questions on any of the attractions (don’t think I did much attractions this time round) or food places I’ve visited.

For a short 5D4N stay, I chose to stay in an airbnb around the Hongdae area. Simply because areas around University towns are amazingly bustling, vibrant and young!


My top guilty pleasure in Seoul has to be Odeng (오뎅 – fish cakes)! I eat it almost every day, as a snack in between meals all the time, basically if I spot a store, I usually end up as a paying customer. There’s just something about the warm peppery goodness of the soup that I cannot resist. Usually around 1000 won (SGD 1) for a stick, it’s soooo addictive.


Common Ground is Korea’s first and World’s largest Pop-up Container Shopping Mall located nearby Konkuk University station in Seoul! I spent almost half a day roaming around the grounds (haha no pun intended). It’s filled with artsy, hipster stores and brands, also not forgetting the wide variety of cuisines in the little cafes/restaurants/food trucks littered throughout the area.


And of course not forgetting everyone’s favorite go to shopping haven in Myeong Dong, except that I’m really there for the food more than the shopping! Just look at the amazing variety I was able to stuff my face with, and that’s just one person’s share!


With so much shopping, and walking around (seriously so many stairs I could die!), it’s inevitable some body pampering is required! I managed to make a trip to my favourite secret Myeong Dong massage spot (top left), and even sneaking in a foot massage near where I was doing my hair (at Juno hair) to attend a wedding. And of course a much needed trip to the Jim Jil Bangs, this time round I paid a visit to Siloam Spa (since I didn’t really like Dragon Hill from the last trip), although my favorite by far is Spa Land in Busan.


On another level of body pampering, it was a whole new unique experience I had visiting a plastic surgery clinic in Korea for the first time. The levels of service were impeccable (with translators and what not), even though I was just there to do possibly the simplest procedure they had – Vitamin C injections (to clear and give the skin a dewy look). In just an hour I was all done, and went to join a whole bunch of wedding goers for dinner and supper.


And when I’m not eating odeng, these are some of the other amazing food I managed to enjoy with my fellow ex-colleagues and wedding goers who are all voracious eaters as well!


Attractions-wise I chose only to go to new places I have not yet explored in previous trips. On an evening trip to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), a beautifully modern building, housing interesting exhibits, stores and events, I had the luxury of star-spotting the gorgeous models from the HERA Seoul Fashion Week event, explored some of the design exhibits and stores, and of course most importantly scored photos with the fantasyland of 25550 LED roses on the rooftop garden of the DDP.

To fulfill my kiddy kpop-fan wishes, I also paid a visit to the YG entertainment headquarters at Hapjeong, before heading over to the Mecenatpolis a new shopping complex for some photo-opportunities. Check out the amazing rows of colorful umbrellas! Who could not be happy shopping there?


And to close off the wonderful trip, I had a fantastic first time experience at a Korean wedding! Held on the beautiful banks of the Han River, colleagues from all over the world came together for the union of a ridiculously compatible couple – yes  I was tearing madly over the vows they had for each other. And in traditional Korean fashion (i think), the wedding ends with an after party at one of the hippest clubs in Seoul!




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