Taiwan street food photoblog

Taiwan seriously has the most amazing and cheap street food I know. This post will consist entirely of majority pictures only with minimal captions – as my descriptions will probably not do the food justice! Get on a flight and go taste them for yourself! Noms

Ah Zhong Mian Xian (Taiwan’s Most Famous Vermicelli Noodles)

Braised Pork Rice
Preserved Vegetables Lu Rou Fan at Nong Ping Village
Malt Candy
Cartoon Shaped Malt Candy – This is seriously a piece of art. Spot Doraemon, Spongebob, Hello Kitty etc.
Ice Cream
Sesame Peanut Candy Shavings with Ice Cream in Wrap – Awesome summer food
Fried Prawn Balls
Fried Prawn Balls filled with the freshest prawn paste and drizzled with takoyaki sauce!
Bubble Milk Tea
What is a trip to Taiwan without a drink from the most famous Bubble Milk Tea store?
Hot Pot
Random Hot Pot on the hills of Ali Li Shan
Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly Drink to keep the skin supple and Braised Egg in the cold weather is just perfect.
Custard Puffs
Multi-Flavored Custard Puffs with Chocolate, Cream etc fillings
Chicken/Duck Tongue
Chicken/Duck Tongue? Can’t remember much of it, but it was SPICY!
Pick. Choose. Cook. Eat. DIY your own meal by the roadside
Tapioca Balls
Tapioca Balls – Hot and Piping from the wok (I love watching them inflate from the hot oil)
Meat Pancakes
Pancakes grilled to perfection with juicy meat filling
Braised Tea Eggs
More Braised Tea Eggs because they are my FAVOURITE – Near Sun Moon Lake
Braised Pork Rice
I LOVE THIS SHIT – otherwise known as braised pork rice – could eat it everyday if need be
One Mouth Eat Sausages – Tiny sausages fried with garlic slices for extra flavouring!
Strawberry/Yam Slushie for Dessert!
‘Tian Bu La’ or Tempura as the Taiwanese call it! Fish cake in Batter haha.

Okay. All preparing this post definitely worked up an appetite. Going to get dinner. Laters~


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