Why everyone should watch “Dad, Where Are We Going? 爸爸去哪儿” | 65CityGirl

Since the start of the year, I have been deeply addicted to this variety series “Dad, Where Are We Going? 爸爸去哪儿?”, where celebrity dads and their children go on an outdoor adventure once a week.

I would like to highly recommend this amazing Chinese variety series to all Singaporean adults, regardless if you have kids or don’t have kids – because the show truly transcends the typical cookie cutter variety show in so many ways I’ll just pick 5 to share.

Reason 1:

ADORABLE SCREEN CANDY ranging from 3 year old to 6 year old kids to brighten your day.



Reason 2: 

Laughter and more laughter because children say and do the darndest things.

(although some jokes might get lost in translation if you don’t have a working knowledge of the chinese language)


Resident silly prince Nuoyi (an adorable mixed toddler of 4 years) starts of the season by regaling his dad with stories of how he met Guan Yin Pu Sa (Chinese Goddess) when he was a wee baby and that she told him to have more chats with his father. Or quiet boy Da Jun, who innocently tries to lend a helping hand to his dad struggling with a split during a game by simply giving his leg a pull and loudly proclaims “what’s so hard about that?”, as the adults just fall to pieces laughing at the gesture.


Reason 3: 

It reminds you that everyone started out as pure, kind and innocent people. #faithinhumanity

kang kang

Kang Kang (my bias of all time), is such an angel, always lending a helping hand to people in need – be it an fellow kid (helping console uncontrollably sobbing toddlers younger than he is) or even an adult (offering his first aid kit to the other dads who injured their palms during games). Or Poppy (the kind-hearted princess) who comforts fellow toddlers when their fathers are not around or are playing ‘dangerous’ games, even if she feels worried herself.


Reason 4: 

It teaches you the importance of expressing your love for your loved ones

There are some particularly significant episodes like the “Ageing Parents”, where through some amazing makeup technique, the parents face their children as a much older versions of themselves and outpouring of love from the children (who fear the impending death of their parents) is indeed a sight to behold.

Throughout the show, the kids and parents go through tough activities which help them slowly open up and express their love for one another, their fellow little friends and their other family members. And it truly makes yourself wonder, if you expressed your love enough for the loved ones around you.

Reason 5: 

Parenting 101 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

With 6 father-children pairing, it’s inevitable you get to see all kinds of parenting styles – some good and some downright dubious (but who’s to judge).

The amazing thing is, along the 16 episodes, these parenting styles clearly evolve. The parent’s interaction with their children and other pairs help to shape one another into an improved version of themselves.

The neglectful father who rather play with his handphone than talk to his child in the first episode, became so much more involved and engaged with his child by the middle of the series. The absent father who has lacks the ability to connect with his child on a heart to heart level, grows closer and even gains immense respect for his child with every outing that they experience together.


Any thoughts on the 5 reasons above? Watch and share your own 5 reasons! Don’t wait any further, load your web browser and start watching it here now! 🙂



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